Hi, I'm Michael Zinreich. A travel avid freelance programmer from Germany.

This little blog is just a place where I like to express a few thoughts on technical stuff sometimes. Most of them are personal opinions, but I also try to keep my facts straight.

What this blog is about

This blog isn't focused on a specific technology, as I use quite a few different ones. So expect to read about PHP and Javascript, but also about about Python and API Design, for example.
If everything goes as planned (has it ever?), I'll even chip in a few cents about hardware stuff, or mechanical stuff, as I work on my classic 72' veedub bay window bus in my spare time.

That's the nice thing about such a blog: Without a clear agenda it can evolve organically.

Reach me on social media

I'm not really a social media guy. I do have twitter, github and stackoverflow. And I'd be happy if you want to reach out to me on those platforms. But don't expect much community activity from my end.

Interested in hiring?

Or you would like me to become part of your business network? Sure, I'd be glad to hear from you. Reach out to me via E-Mail or flick me a message on Xing.

Code is boring, tell us about yourself

I don't write about personal things or my travels on this blog. If you are more interested in such stories, head over to my personal blog: Elchzone.de.

Thanks for visiting my little blog. :-)