February 18, 2016 · Surface Book Microsoft Hardware Laptop

Do I really want to buy a Microsoft Surface Book?

I have to admit it. Since the first preview of the Surface Book I was in love.

The prospects were clear. Microsoft came onto the laptop market with a innovative high-end device that was supposed to leave no desires unfilled. I was finally able to see a device made by my least disliked company of the big three Apple, Google, Microsoft.

That moment a Surface Book fanboy was born.

The microsoft surface book, very hot

But since October some time has passed and I gained back my countenance. As usual I didn't rush into stores to buy the latest hype, but let it settle for a while. As it turned out once more: A smart decision.

The Surface Book had its share of problems like bluescreens, involuntary table/laptop mode switching and even audio buzzing. Apparently most of those were caused by faulty firmware and, naturally, Windows 10. But to me it doesn't matter, who's the actual culprit. If I buy a workhorse, it has to deliver. Ain't nobody got time for that crap.

Now in February 2016, the device has landed on German shores, which saves me importing it, which is great. Also I finally get to test drive it in a local store.
Sorry, but I'm not willing to buy a 3 grand device without ever seeing it beforehand. And for a good reason. The last couple of days I had a closer look at the details of the device which left me with more doubts than ever. So I have composed a list of hopes and doubts about the Surface Book that bothered me BEFORE I have even seen the device in real-life once. I will revise that list after my trial.

The doubts:

The pros


Oh you sexy beast

That device get's me at an emotional level, it is simple as that. That happens rarely, believe me. That's why I don't care about its price tag. All I care about is, if the little flaws become a future deal breaker, that won't let us have a great time together.

I have already found a shop in Munich who should have it in stock. Let's find out the truth this Saturday.

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