March 2, 2016

Opera's shortcut of the Day: Search value in clipboard directly

I love shortcuts. In particular those I stumble upon by sheer accident. Bonus points if they make life actually a bit better.

Today's shortcut deals with searching for the content of your clipboard.

Classic use case: You select a word in a text you want to know more about. Now copy it to clipboard, open your browser, click on the adressbar, paste from clipboard, submit and finally get your search results... years later.

Until now I have used the following shortcut sequence:

CTRL + T (optionally, if I wanted a new tab)  
CTRL + L (selects the adressbar)  
CTRL + V (paste the clipboard)  

While this is actually already really quick, in future the following shortcut will come in handy:

CTRL + T (optionally, if I wanted a new tab)  
CTRL + SHIFT + V (paste and submit to search)  

Boom, how's that? Can't get much faster than this. I tested this shortcut in Opera and Chrome, but I only got it to work in Opera. Sorry Chrome users.

I don't wanna appear smug, but I'm happy to see having Opera those little advantages over Chrome. While always the choice of a very avid minority, Opera used to be the best browser out there for years in terms of usability (It had enough issues on technical levels, though).
When they made the shift to WebKit, I was bummed out at first, like many former Opera users. But after a while, Opera got their mojo back, with all the appeal it formerly had on power users.

Way to go, Opera. In case, you have never thought to give it a try, hop over to and download their newest version.

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